26 Jun

I started my own dog training business, L’Chaim Canine, several years ago. The one thing I noticed was that the cats belonging to some of my clients always seemed to place second behind the family dog. At times it did not seem fair, especially when the arrival of the new family dog placed the cat’s life in turmoil. The worst was those cats destined to live a life out in the basement instead of being able to roam a home that was once theirs.

I began to read about cats and what they needed to be happy and be able to flourish in those instances so that I could help them out wherever I could. I soon found myself sitting in lectures on cat behavior instead of dog.

I found myself looking for another cat. Time to finally shake off the hurt feelings of years ago and find a new furry friend. I was hopeful in finding a cat that would not only be a great companion but one I could train as well. Learning theory is learning theory, right? Well I was ready to put it to the test.

I found myself perusing the local humane society every time I was there working with the dogs. I would jokingly ask of the staff, “Have you found my cat yet?”. Over the years I have always “known” my animals when I first met them. It is a feeling I can’t explain.

Then one night about 1:30am I couldn’t sleep. I found myself on and their she was. The most beautiful cat. There was that feeling. I knew I had to bring her home…


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