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26 Jun

I started my own dog training business, L’Chaim Canine, several years ago. The one thing I noticed was that the cats belonging to some of my clients always seemed to place second behind the family dog. At times it did not seem fair, especially when the arrival of the new family dog placed the cat’s life in turmoil. The worst was those cats destined to live a life out in the basement instead of being able to roam a home that was once theirs.

I began to read about cats and what they needed to be happy and be able to flourish in those instances so that I could help them out wherever I could. I soon found myself sitting in lectures on cat behavior instead of dog. Continue reading

My First Cat…

7 Jun

Years ago I adopted a year old male cat, Mushu. Although colored like a Siamese, he was a huge block of a cat, all bone and muscle, no fat, that weighed 18 pounds. He was very social and loved to play. At that time I was just beginning to train my first Rottweiler, Greta. She went everywhere with me while Mushu stayed home. One Friday afternoon while loading the car, Mushu managed to slip out of my apartment and was gone. Continue reading

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